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Handmade Amish Dolls


Our new line of Amish dolls--perfect gifts for that child on your list or a doll collector is now available. Our Amish, handmade cradles are a wonderful complement to these adorable amish dolls.

Dolls are 14" tall

$22.50 each

Adorable in their simplicity, an Amish doll perfectly reflects the values of the Amish culture. The absence of facial features and hair is in keeping with the Amish/Mennonite obedience to the biblical Commandment that forbids the creation of an image. In reverence to the Amish tradition our dolls are dressed in typical Amish colors: deep purple, royal blue, brown, green, navy, and burgundy with black apron and bonnet. The body is muslin and the clothing is cotton/poly blend. Handmade from bonnet to bare feet, these dolls are designed to be soft and huggable. Small snaps on the apron could pose a hazard to very young children.

ORDERING: When ordering please specify your preference in dress color.

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